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Anne Ten Donkelaar

AnneTenDonkelaar I just spent the better part of my weekend obsessed with cutting things out of old books, and the always stunning work of Utrecht based artist Anne Ten Donkelaar makes me want to put Monday on hold so that I can just keep cutting!


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This is a great way to create an outdoor kitchen on the cheap. I'd estimate it would cost us about $200 to recreate this for our space (with one extra side visible since we don't have a corner like this) - stone veneer, plywood, and stain and concrete for countertops (which I would prefer over the granite in the photo).

Faux Stone & Counter Space for Outdoor Grilling--robin, i have such plans for your outdoors :P this would be awesome for your grill! once you do the faux stone look, then do this around grill---that would look so beautiful!