En ik woon ook niet in een molen!

In my house, on the carpet, so I don't scuff them after spending hours painting them. And at Tulip Time!

Why so nosey?

Voldemort has said plenty of lies before and it hasn't worked, Pinocchio. I'm not sorry, Voldemort, it's hopeless. You'll never grow a nose.

En zo is het maar net

Don't be ignorant. We're all humans on a small, floating rock through an infinite galaxy, together. on imgfave


"Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live" - Pete Seeger


Reading this. Laughing to hard. Still laughing while I'm typing this

Gelukkig leest Iris Klaasen alleen Anime ;)

Gelukkig leest Iris Klaasen alleen Anime ;)


"I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination." Don't let anyone tell you (and your sexy imagination) otherwise.

We wachten in spanning af.

Often true for me. So much that when I come up with a new dream I get a litle sad as the chances of it happening are slim since I thought of it. Most of the best things in my life were not a dream I had.

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No comment


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You are not famous. Get over it. Some people really need to realize this.

Who doesn't?

i like people who smile when it’s raining. i smile when it rains. come and smile with me.

Geef mij Amy maar!

Geef mij Amy maar!