Kids Art Activity: Picasso Faces - A mixture of creative drawing and collage magazine pictures. Also easy sub lesson.

Picasso Faces, line art + collage, good for younger & assisted work, creative collaboration, & the 'pass it around game' *Dada*

Miró bookmarks

Miró bookmarks - could incorporate a bookmark option for a choice board on a famous artist.

A la manière de Monet

Kindergarten Monet's Garden-Kindergarten students learned about Claude Monet's art and the beautiful gardens he created around his home in France. Students used oil pastel to draw the bridge across Mo

crêpe papier plakken en daarna wat water sprayen, groots effect,

Cute Candy Corn Footprint Cards

tissue paper squares (that bleed) on wet paper. Spay with water. Pull tissue off after a few minutes. kids love this! tissue paper must be the artist kind that bleeds though.

tentoonstellen op dozen

art gallery / this is kind of the idea I had for displays at our end of year art show for school. Artist party Think it'd be cool to have a maze of boxes with kids art work on every side!

Met scheerschuim op een blad spuiten en dan met een wattenstaafje met verf krullen in maken.

This week, second graders are finishing their marbleized peacock paintings. It has been so fun to watch their reactions to the shaving crea.