As if you needed an excuse to go to the beach... beach pebbles and stones become art.

As if you needed an excuse to go to the beach. beach pebbles and stones become…

Teppichklopfer -- rug beater -- my grandma would throw the rugs over the clothesline and let me beat the heck out of them. I thought it was great fun and I sure didn't consider it a chore. chh

Mattenklopper - I guess that's how we cleaned our rugs and carpets back then, with a carpet beater, outside on the balcony.

oud Nederlands papiergeld

The old Dutch gulden notes. I especially like the 20 gulden note.

il n'y avait pas encore de supermarchés. Maman faisait ses courses à l'épicerie où l'on trouvait de tout...

Kruidenier in Boskoop / Dutch grocer 1961 via Nationaal Archief. Grocery in thee Nethrelands,

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De melk werd vanuit de melkbus zo met een tapkraantje of pollepel in de melkkoker gegoten en dan moest de melk op het gasfornuis koken. Er dan natuurlijk bij blijven want anders kookte de melk over en dan zwaaide er wat.

Modern girl milk (hazelnut, almond, etc.) delivery (+ other goodies) via e-mobility or human-powered bicycle . deliver to coffee shops [vintage melkboer (milkman)}