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Leuke kerstster om te knutselen (met kinderen).  - Driehoek vouwen en inknippen tot vóór het midden. - Openvouwen en de "stukjes" steeds naar elkaar toe vouwen. De ene keer naar de ene kant en de andere keer naar de andere kant. In totaal 8 vouwblaadjes nodig voor 1 ster.

How to make a paper star snowflake decoration? It can be made from tiny sized tree ornaments to. The post The Perfect DIY paper star Snowflakes appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

Dit is zo'n schattig doosje. Dit is een leuk en creatief cadootje voor je moeder

DIY Heart Box diy crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy idea diy home easy diy for the home crafty decor home ideas diy organizing diy box. I like this idea alot, different shape and different color maybe?

leuk, een aardbei pompon!

DIY Strawberry Pom Pom Tutorial (Under my crochet board because of the yarn)

Where could i find a smaller fork to make these even more tiny?

How to make tiny pom poms with a fork. Wrap yarn around fork until fat, then cut. Take a small piece of yarn and tie entire bunch together so that the knot fits through the prongs of the fork. Take off of fork and cut all the loops.

make a board game of the words, roll dice, when you get to dice read that word, prize for getting to the end (move lucky 3 times, 5 tickets, two minutes)

It's all about Hearts ♡ clever valentines photo art that you could do yourself from dice as a romantic sculpture for your loved one or cool card design

knutselen met papier Dit is papierkunst van Jen Stark

(Used to make geology maps?) Paper sculpture Use large sheets of paper and then a generic cardboard shape in between each sheet to add dimension. Could be easily assembled with glue does. Possible topographic map model?


Eurydice wants to know how this man knows about her husbands fingers.

Masseer 1 minuut één van je vingers en je zal jezelf verbazen wat de resultaten zijn! Dit is goed om te weten! - Zelfmaak ideetjes

The study of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It looks at the 26 different energy centers of the body, which are connected with different organs and, when stim…

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