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Neiman Marcus
a doll is standing next to a deer and a woman in pink boots with candles
"Donna" Reindeer Figure and Elf Ornament by Patience Brewster at Neiman Marcus.
a red ornament with a fairy on top hanging from it's side
'Persephone Pomegranate' Large Ornament Patience Brewster | eBay
a christmas ornament with a reindeer on it's head and green shoes
three figurines are sitting on top of each other in the shape of an elephant
Patience Brewster Nativity
3 wise men.... by Patience Brewster... I love her things... I collect her.
a doll is standing next to a deer and a woman in pink boots with candles
Home Decor Accents Linens, Lighting. and Accessories
Patience Brewster Donna Figure
two figurines are dressed up as queen and prince with crowns on their heads
2013 Patience Brewster Krinkles, Jack of Hearts Ornament
a figurine is dressed in a yellow dress and has horns on it's head
patience brewster
three figurines in different colors and sizes with crowns on their heads, standing next to each other
South's Largest Christmas Shopping Village
Wisemen Bearing Gifts - Patience Brewster
a figurine of a woman and two dogs on a white surface with one dog looking at the other
Patience Brewster Shepherdess with Collie and Corgie
Shepherdess with Collie and Corgie by Patience Brewster at Neiman Marcus.
a figurine of a shepherd with sheep and lamb
2011 Patience Brewster Krinkles, NATIVITY SHEPHERD, EWE & LAMB - Set of 3 ( $84
an angel ornament on top of a christmas tree
Patience Brewster
Heavenly Angel Figure by Patience Brewster, Item 0802052
an ornament shaped like a chicken hanging from a string on a white background
Patience Brewster Krinkles - Donald Rooster Mini Ornament
an odd looking bowl with eyes and oranges in it sitting on a table next to flowers
Patience Brewster Krinkles - Frog Candy Bowl