Rainy Day Umbrella: Every Friday our Friday Playgroup (basically storytime for little kids) has crafts... which means I have to come up with a lot of simple things they can do within 15 minutes. Yeash. Not easy. I have not done these yet, but have them on the schedule for March 2013. I'm going to have them use stampers to decorate the plate (something we don't get to use often).

A rainy day umbrella craft! Would be good as a spring craft too. April showers bring May flowers!

De leukste kindvriendelijke “kerstbomen” om te knutselen met kinderen!

Cutti g the egg carton was hardest part. We used pompoms for ornaments, Lillian had a great time.

Dit heb ik zelf eens gedaan tijdens de les. Zeer aangename opdracht voor kinderen.

Approved by Andrea Beaty, author of Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau.

Goedkoop maar echt superleuk! De leukste kerst kunstwerkjes voor kinderen met papieren bordjes.

This activity spotlights everyone's favorite reindeer, Rudolph, and preserves your child's handprints in his "antlers". What a brilliant kids Christmas craft idea.

Teapot Paper Plate Craft  (only picture)

Teapot Paper Plate Craft (only picture) a nice craft idea for a children's tea party.

kroontje van papieren bordje

15 creative & respectful ways to quiet a class

A cute Fall craft to make with your kids, to celebrate the beginning of the Fall Season.  This is super easy, a great project for your 3 year old...with he

Beginner Level - about to 1 hour to create - Popsicle Stick Scarecrow - Nice craft to work on with the kids. Site has instructions and photos. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED - uses scissors and hot glue gun use a tacky glue instead.

Color It Like you MEAN it!

It said grade painted flowers but it got me thinking. what about repetitive shapes pattern with painted paper for grade.