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Harry Potter

I'm a Pureblood. (And proud of it!) My mom's a Squib. My dad's a Squib. My little sisters a Muggle-Born. My older brother is a Dursley. Most of my friends are Dursley. That is why i am such a Deatheater when i talk to them. I am weird.

George Weasley. Every mirror is the Mirror of Erised..............oh my, makes me cry like a baby.

George's mirror of erised. To George, every mirror is the mirror of erised. What he desires is his brother and they look alike so whenever George looks into a mirror, he sees Fred. This is really sad but very well done

Flow mag international Issue 5

Flow Magazine 5 In this issue: Stories about why we’re always so hard on ourselves, friends listography, the great pleasures of small comforts, the fun of buying nothing new and hand lettering. Plus: a notebook and alphabet cards.

Grumpy Kitty, The Big Bang Theory Meets Grumpy Cat T-Shirt Design

ThinkGeek has released "Grumpy Kitty," a t-shirt design that combines Grumpy Cat with the song "Soft Kitty" performed by Penny and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. Unisex and female t-shirts are ava.