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an outdoor area with grass, trees and lights on the side of the house at night
Sfeervolle buitenverlichting
Wilt u meer informatie over een lichtplan of domotica systeem? Kom dan snel bij ons langs in de showroom Hoogspoor Design Light.
a room with some plants and lights on the floor next to a couch in front of a window
Port outdoor light designed by Xuclà. http://www.vibia.com/en/lamps/show/id/46509/outdoor_lamps_port_4650_design_by_xucla.html?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=port
some white cubes are lit up on the wooden floor in front of a building
Outdoor light fixtures EMPTY
three sculptures are on display in a dark room
#xuclà #vibia #boxes #outdoors #lighting
there are many white lights in the grass
Outdoor Landscape Lighting Vibia
a white lamp sitting on top of a grass covered ground next to a door and window
Products - Grande Costanza Open Air
Grande Costanza Open Air by Paolo Rizzatto
some lights that are on in the grass by water at night with mountains in the background
Sky by Alfredo Häberli, a perfect wire-free solution for outdoors lighting
two chairs sitting in front of a building at night
LightDisc by Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto
a pond with rocks and plants in the water at night, reflecting light on it's surface
Products - Solar Bud
Solar Bud by Ross Lovegrove
an umbrella is reflected in the water at dusk
Javelot Macro by Odile Decq
three yellow lights that are on some grass
Products - Pod Lens
Pod Lens by Ross Lovegrove
a modern kitchen with wooden slats on the ceiling and white counter tops, along with a large pendant light hanging from the ceiling
Romeo Outdoor Ceiling Weather Resistant Pendant Lamp
ROMEO OUTDOOR C3 by Philippe Starck for #FLOS
some lights that are on the side of a wooden walkway in front of grass and trees
Belvedere Spot Double F2
Belvedere Spot Double F2 Outdoor Light by Antonio Citterio w T. Nguyen