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And when we kissed one another for the first time I could swear I heard our souls whisper ever so quietly, welcome home.

I’m sorry For the times I hurt you, for the times I lied to you, and for every other reason you're so angry at me. I know my apologies don't mean shit to you, but aside from that, all I can do is promise to try to be better I love you.

Emotionally Focused Therapy, "Hold Me Tight" By Sue Johnson. What fighting with your partner really means! No connection. No conscious. It was not about me, but the MONSTER who was always there playing dress up.

"I wanna travel the world with you", - A whole website created for road trips. You can enter your destination and city you are leaving from and find all kinds of stuff along the way. Perfect for my husband that loves roadtrips!

Houd me vast, Sue Johnson