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Editor’s note: Christian Hernandez is a managing partner of White Star Capital and Stephen Piron is co-founder of data-analytics firm BrightSun. The data for this post was compiled from multiple channels through the BrightSun startup discovery tool.

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This is a map of KARAKORUM HIGHWAY, the road that links the Northern Areas of Pakistan to the Xinjiang province of China, connecting it to the old Silk Road.

"Shortest distance between two points is a straight line" Pak politics: "Yeah right"

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Global Supply Chain News: As Chinese Manufacturing Advantage Wanes, Which are the 16 Countries Poised to Fill the Void? New Analysis Says Chinese Era Coming to An End, as it Always Does; The Post-China 16

In Germany was still enmeshed in the concept of "people's community," or volksgemeinschaft, from World War I. It was a sense that Germans stood united, no matter what.