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Гил-Гэлад и Элронд

r-navy:Gil-Galad &Elrond That country had of old been named Lindon by the Noldor Gil-galad son of Fingon was their king, and with him was Elrond Half-elven, son of Eärendil the Mariner and brother of Elros first king of Númenor. - The Silmarillion

Azatoth: el Caos Idiota que balbucea en el centro del universo sin sentido y sin cordura. Y unas cosas tremendas que tocan obscenamente la flauta

Azathoth (Artist's depiction of Azathoth). Azathoth: is a deity in the Cthulhu Mythos and Dream Cycle stories of H. Lovecraft and other authors.

fantasy terrain map symbol - Google Search

Lately I’ve been working hard on a new style for Profantasy. As you can see in the test map of the style it is a black and white style that hopefully will work very well in print. I have always bee… map, mapmaking, maps