Apple & Marshmallow. Voor een feestje in de herfst.

Easy idea for mushrooms - apple and marshmallow for fairy party food idea. It would be kind of cute to cut out little holes on the top and put fluff in them to make them like "Alice in Wonderland" or mario party mushrooms!

so easy...brownie bites, white icing, m's = mummy cups

Looking for an easy Halloween recipe that will be nice to your waistline? Try these Low-Fat Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes. They not only have low-fat cake mix, they have low-fat frosting, too.

Oreo Pops..... I think kids would love these! And you could decorate them a million different ways like you can cake pops :)

Oreo-on-a-Stick fun! Pop stick, Oreo, Dipping chocolate or candy melts, sprinkles. Taylor to a specific holiday and you have an easy treat to sell or give away.

Traktatie sneeuwpop van marshmellows en zoute stokjes, oreo's en rolo's met een rode dropveter als sjaal.

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Unabashedly sweet, create these wintertime marshmallow snowmen with your kids for an afternoon of fun.

Marshmallow Snowmen Sweet and good to eat, these portly pals create an afternoon of fun with the kids. Mini chocolate pieces make the eyes and buttons; pretzel sticks make the arms. See Marshmallow Snowmen recipe


Loving these circus treat toppers created by printing the illustrations from Mood Kids , taping them to wooden sticks, and embellishing wit.

Made with apple slices, peanut butter and miniature marshmallows.

Kid Snack made with Apples, marshmallows, and peanut butter on the inside of the apples to help the marshmallows stay in place. Use during dental health month.