Darkest Dusty Blue tv wall... Lightest Grey all over walls... Darker Grey kitchen and entryway...(All colors a little warmer)

Monochromatic Color Scheme for Interior Design

Monochromatic color palettes are based off of a single color. A successful monochromatic wall color scheme uses a dark, medium and light shades or tones of one color. Same color as our room.

Mooie natuurlijk kleuren voor in de woonkamer of slaapkamer. Tref: blauw, bruin, hout, zee, groen.

Master Bedroom color scheme = color sea, beautiful colors for my living room and kitchen. The dark brown is my wood tones and the lighter brown is my carpet. I like the far left for the wall color and the darker blues for accents.

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Left to Right, Top to Bottom: kitchen Wedgewood Gray/Benjamin Moore livingroom-Himalayan Trek/Benjamin Moore 1542 Entryway/Hall Gray Ghost Olympic Bedrooms Silver Fox Benjamin Moore