Spray paint on a white or light colored shirt OR spray bleach over a darker shirt for an exploding heart!

Spray paint over and then pick up qtips, left with exploding heart. Good idea for an apartment decoration. Frame it, and that'd be SO NEAT.

K’Nex Extreme Sports Set review and #Giveaway

K'Nex Extreme Sports Set review and #Giveaway

Best Extreme Sport Videos 2016 ★ 12 Minutes of Awesomeness [Adrenaline Channel]

Olympische spelen

How to Make an official looking Olympic Gold Medal 2012 London Summer Games H are there still plans to study the Olympics?

Diy t-shirt

Lay down big puzzle pieces and spray paint over them. Wait until they dry to take the off. These would make beautiful autism awareness shirts. Autism Speaks is bad news bears for actual autistic people! Cool shirt though.


DIY 30 days 30 tee-shirts : with splattered paint - Clones N Clowns by Aimee Wood