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a pink background with white text that reads, will je een opzetwenmba
Opzetzwembad in de tuin, welke kies je?
three pieces of wood sitting on top of a red brick wall next to each other
Balance Bike DIY
So I was busting my mind to find a perfect birthday present, and I decided to build a balance bike for a 2 year old.
three wooden owls sitting on top of a counter
Uiltjes gemaakt van pallet #hout.
two children are sitting on a rock and one is holding a fishing rod
26. This magnetic fishing pole is a super clever idea.
26. This magnetic fishing pole is a super clever idea. | 39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself
a wooden toy standing in the grass with fall leaves around him and his hat on
Natürlich schöne Holzfiguren
Natürlich schöne Holzfiguren | TOPP Bastelbücher online kaufen
a water dispenser with several different types of bottles attached to the wall
Waterspeelhoekje, eventueel los op een plank/paneel te maken, zodat het buiten en binnen te gebruiken is
a large wooden structure sitting next to a brick wall
Water Play is the perfect sensory stimulation for EYFS children. Create your own water pathway and get the water wheel spinning with the angles you have chosen. One idea is to add small rubber ducks to help aid the teaching of science, flow and gravity and mass and weight of materials. What’s better than getting messy and learning at the same time! http://www.pentagonplay.co.uk/products/imaginative-and-creative/mud-sand-and-water-play/water-wall
two kids are playing with water pipes on a wooden pallet that has been built into the side of a brick wall
How to make a Water Wall for kids
zelf een waterval maken
a wooden pole with plastic bottles attached to it
gezien op pinterest. Foto geplaatst door avanderzee op Welke.nl
Water loop voor de kids