This photo speaks more to me than anyone can know

"ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES but this photo sort of makes me want to cry >-( Only kindness matters).and I couldn't agree more!

Sometimes we make excuses to justify our actions, and that happens a lot with our treatment of animals. This video is going to blow.your.mind.

Whoever Says Animals Don't Have Emotion, Has Not Seen This Video

Every Animal Lover Should See This - this is adorable! It's a video about a heard of cows reactions when they were able to go into the pasture after winter was over.This really changed my perspective of cows.

Als iemand je met #woorden slaat, laat dan jouw #rust een spiegel en je #glimlach het antwoord zijn.

When someone hurts you with his words, let your inner peace be a mirror and your smile be the answer

As someone extremely passionate about animal rights, and who seeks out…

I began to wonder why we cuddle some animals and put a fork in others ~ courtesy Henry Spira. Go vegan.

So sad!! We had a pit bull breed growing up, she was the happiest dog on the planet, quite gullible too. I loved her, she wouldn't hurt a butterfly! I wish people would just not judge this poor dog breed because of a few bad apples. And even the bad apples, it's not their fault it's the owner/trainer.  I quote karate kid, "there is no bad student, only bad teacher."

People always trend to judge things without ever knowing the facts. I've owned 4 pitbulls and numerous other dog breeds. By far my pits were the most docile and playful dogs I've ever known. NEVER judge anything based upon looks or speculations.

Well, seems Dr. Farmer is one smart dude. He NAILED it.

To love all creatures on Earth you must have compassion, without it you will be part of the slaughter of billions of innocents yearly. Meat is murder!

For the love of animals

And you will never stand alone. Human Freedom Animal Rights One Struggle One Fight — pandacake: blackheartswillsing: my vegan art

Bekijk de foto van reza met als titel mooie tekst en andere inspirerende plaatjes op

Bekijk de foto van reza met als titel mooie tekst en andere inspirerende plaatjes op