"There's some crazy lady on the phone talking about a moon bike! LUNAR CYCLE, he's on a lunar cycle!


I hope you wanted more alchemy stuff that I found, because.here’s more alchemy stuff that I found. They all involve circles. A lot of circles. [ …and here’s my alchemy tag if you want even more.

The Remains of the Day- Stephen Andrews

The Remains of the Day- Stephen Andrews, oil on canvas, 96 x

Dress Sculpture - metal thread and transparent glass pearls; wire art // "The beginning of memory"  Diana Brennan

waitingforgzus: “ theleoisallinthemind: “ Diana Brennan - Metal thread and transparent glass pearls ” Well, then.

by Eva Hesse

Wire sculpture by Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt). As a modern Venezuelan artist and sculptor, Gego considered space having its own form asmany of her wire sculptures occupy the dimensions of the room.