don't forget this activity for space unit!!! My aide did this last year with our pre-k class!!! Love the tp idea!! @Kelly Diane this looks fun

Toilet Paper science: Mercury, the closest planet to the sun was 3 sheets of toilet paper from the sun. Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun, was 224 sheets of toilet paper from the sun.

free constellation sewing cards and learning activity for kids


Stargazing With Kids – Free Fun Constellation Sewing Cards. Kids will have fun learning about their favorite stars and constellations with these fun sewing cards, also called lacing cards or lace-up cards.

pre - k photo project? It "reaching for the stars" and connect it with start of year or New Years resolution/goal setting

Even though this is an art project for Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me by Eric Carle it would make a wonderful Jacob's ladder project.

schrijfpatronen thema ruimte, free printable

Crafts,Actvities and Worksheets for Preschool,Toddler and Kindergarten.Lots of worksheets and coloring pages.

Papa pak je de maan voor me en veel andere digitale boeken

Boekentip Les Papa, pak je de maan voor me?

Prentenboek André het astronautje. Digitaal prentenboek voor kleuters

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