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Here we are with another DIY solution that you will love. We will present you DIY projects with wooden crates. They are so simple to be made and at the sam (Diy Deco Recup)


spray paint a tree branch silver and attach candle holders with wire. fill them with spray painted navy beans to add a pop of color and rest a tea light candle on top of the beans.

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i like the simplicity of this palm acupuncture chart. Note how the numbers progress downward, from the higher trunk area (chest) down to lower trunk area (groin). <said another pinner.


Love this closet. You can display some nice items behind the glass doors and you can easily hide all other stuff as well.


Line: The book shelf in the room shows the use of line because the book shelf shelves are built against the wall forming a miniature tree. Our eyes are drawn to look at the book shelf tree from bottom to top and outward to the tree/bookshelf branches.