Egg Shell Planters

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Food That Magically Regrows Itself from Kitchen Scraps - Jerry James Stone

Let's face it, eating well is expensive... or it can be. Buying produce that is either organically grown (or biodynamically) is not cheap. But ingesting

How To Grow Spinach In Your Garden

If you’re short on garden space but committed to eating a healthy, balanced diet and would like to take part in growing your own produce, container gardening is the answer. Almost anything that grows in a garden can be grown in a container. Growing spinach in containers is an easy, nutrient-rich, fast-growing crop to start …

20 Plants & Herbs You Can Propagate From Cuttings

Growing plants from cuttings is one of the easiest ways to start your own garden without a struggle. Plants grown from cuttings are exact clones of the parent plant, so you have complete idea what you are growing. Generally, growing plants from the seeds is a long process, this is the reason why many gardeners […]

10 Frugal Gardening Tricks For More Effective Growing

Gardening is a beloved hobby and past time for millions. These 10 helpful ideas will teach you simple ways to make your garden the best it can possibly be.

How to Compost at Home: A Beginner's Guide to DIY Fertilizer

Let's start by dispelling a crucial myth about compost: compost is not smelly! In fact, its earthiness is as pleasant as it is nutrient-rich.

How to Care for String of Pearls

String of Pearls is a unique hanging succulent that will add that little quirk to any house. The plant grows fast and propagates easily and can grow both indoor and outdoor. And there’re a few care tips that you need to know to care for String of Pearls properly.

Plants Cheat Sheet for Plant Nutrients – Vegetable garden tips

Plants Cheat Sheet for Plant Nutrients is part of Vegetable garden tips, Plant nutrients, Plants, Hydroponic gardening, Hydroponic growing, Organic gardening tips - Cheat Sheet for Plant Nutrients is part of Plants

4 Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

These four beginner gardening mistakes are all ones that I've made, and,hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes I did and have a better chance at..

Why Your Tomatoes Are Splitting & How To Stop It

Tomatoes splitting on the vine is a very common tomato problem. But don’t worry once you know what causes it you can stop tomatoes splitting open!

Como Plantar Abacaxi em um Vaso Passo a Passo!

Como Plantar Abacaxi em um Vaso Passo a Passo. Além disso, Se você quiser abacaxi em seu jardim, esta fruta tropical é fácil de cultivar.

the slug and the squirrel

"because you love me, i can climb the highest mountain"

How to Prune Basil for Larger Yields - The Kitchen Garten

Easily prune your basil plants for larger yields with just a few quick snips. Fuller, larger basil plants will provide you with fresh herbs all summer!

Tips for Growing and Using Dill

Tips for growing and using dill from your garden.

5 Mood Boosting Plants Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Better

It doesn’t take a botanist to know that happy green plants are an instant visual pick-me-up. But these five mood-boosting plants—all of which are scientifically proven to improve your day—take self-care one step further. Add one (or all) to your home this season for an all-natural...

How to Make a Tabletop Moss Garden

Make your own tabletop moss garden with these 5 simple steps! We even got good tips and tricks from moss expert, David Spain.