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Clint Dempsey (@clint_dempsey) | Twitter Clint Dempsey, Clint, Sounders, Twitter
Clint Dempsey (@clint_dempsey) / X
Clint Dempsey (@clint_dempsey) | Twitter
a young boy kicking a soccer ball on top of a green grass covered football field
Dennis Sanchez (@dennissanchez21) / X
Dennis Sanchez
Casual, Men Casual, Tops, Shirts, Football, Seattle, Manly, Handsome
a group of soccer players standing next to each other
a soccer player is running after the ball in front of an audience at a sporting event
a man kicking a soccer ball on top of a field
a baby laying on top of a soccer ball
soccer fan....... Might have been my son.... Had I known then why I know now
a man standing next to another man in front of a crowd with an american flag on his shirt
Clint Dempsey joining Seattle Sounders
POSTED AUGUST 02, 2013 Report: Clint Dempsey joining Seattle Sounders SOCCER BY TREY SCOTT
a soccer player in front of an american flag with the words one step closer on it
Dempsey USA Soccer
an image of a man kicking a soccer ball in the air with words sounders above him
#MLSSoccer #TrueColors - Seattle Sounders - Travis Baechler
the seattle sounders logo on a green and blue background
Seattle Sounders
an illuminated pumpkin with the soundersfc logo on it's hat and scarf
Pumpkin Pride
Seattle Sounders Pumpkin
two soccer players in the middle of a game, one is diving for the ball
Seattle Sounders