Benjamin Lezer

Benjamin Lezer

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Photographer Andreas Levers Captures the Hazy Glow of Unpopulated Streets at Night

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african model (o pinned with @PinvolveLove

Duo. Ph Alex Evans** love the two different shades of lipstick-WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE DO THIS?!!!

Love the darker brows with blonde hair. Brows frame the eye are are so important when doing makeup - never forget they bounce light also!

We present you a collection of most inspiring images found on the wonderful world of design and photography

#1A) simple interesting face paint we would wear for indoor setup. more posed portait shots of individual and all of us

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The Purpose of the Parables: And when he was alone, those present along with the Twelve questioned him about the parables. He answered them, “The mystery of the kingdom of God has been granted to you. But to those outside everything comes in parables, so that ‘they may look and see but not perceive, and hear and listen but not understand, in order that they may not be converted and be forgiven.’” -Mark 4:10-12(NABRE)

These are awesome polarized glasses!! I love these glasses you look clear and the design is very nice .. wanna see what i got and how's everyone's summer going so far :)