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Perfection is an idea that exists only in the mind, not in reality Kalligrafie: Vrij werk

No matter how old or young, rich or poor you are... You can still enjoy the gift of laughter

this image looks as if the woman in the picture had been through many hardships but still manages to smile in the end What a wonderful subject; I'm sure SHE has stories to tell. Laughing Witch by Jason Matthew Tye, via

Organische vorm (is ook een gesloten vorm!)

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shadow walkers

Could use a shadow? Because they chased thr shadows in Peter Pan, right?

Portrait en profile

Love the little details like the wisps of hair at the neck and the delicate features and hand pose The lighting is lighting up the background to create a silhouette shape.

eigenschaduw - Google zoeken 6

eigenschaduw - Google zoeken 6