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Clay pot lighthouse with solar powered light.

Terra cotta pot lighthouse really lights up the night!

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Hand-Painted Flower Pot People - Tweety Bird

15 Amazing & Easy DIY Wood Craft Project Ideas for Home Decor

Check out how to build an easy DIY Wood Box Centerpiece @istandarddesign

Mr Frog.. Barbara Trainors...

Vasinho cerâmica...really cute flower pot character!!

Sharpie Dot Flower Pot Craft

Use a Sharpie to make dots in this unique flower pot craft! It's so easy that a child could do it, and you just need a few simple supplies. via @diy_candy

Fantastic Flowerpot Ideas To Make Your Favorite

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponThe thing about gardening is that it is a very creative pursuit that is both artistic and earthy – a combination that is not all that usual. We are sure that you can take any old pot and stick a flowering plant or bush in it to make it an object<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

How To Seal Painted Flower Pots

How To Seal Painted Flower Pots - Turn pots upside down on stands to paint all surfaces at once