And we will, i will take care of you and you will take care of me as well, everything for my ganda babe ugh yea ganda

Goals !  I'd love to have children some day and I'd love it even more if my children loved horses as much as their mother.

I love this picture reminds me of my daughter walking my morgan.

Meisje heeft veel dank en geeft knuffel- Greetz

Blond Amsterdam Big Thank You

Hadden we wel moeten trouwen? - Hoe je relatie van een crisis juist beter wordt - Girls of honour

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Lief mens

Lief mens

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Gedichten Paula Hagenaars

Gedichten Paula Hagenaars

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend!

Every brunette needs a blond bestfriend

Hier zijn wij de baas

In dit huis



Klavertje vier

Zeker weten al is het er maar 1 ❤

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Hoe ouder...

Hoe ouder...

time is now.

After watching and reading fellow Kerry girl new video and post it really does get you thinking about siezing every opportunity that comes your way and to stay focused on your goals.