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The brain has been called the largest sex organ for good reason

INFOGRAPHIC: YOUR BRAIN ON SEX The brain has been called the largest sex organ for good reason. Thanks to it’s “pleasure center,” the brain tells us when an experience is enjoyable, but that’s not all. Take a look at the many ways the brain impacts sex.

This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

The remedy that will be presented here is recommended by the healed person Rick Simpson, who managed to heal himself of skin cancer in 2003 by using cannabis

Fast so durchsichtig wie Glas: US-Forscher haben transparente Solarzellen entwickelt, die sich auch für Autoscheiben eignen würden

A Michigan State University research team has at last made a truly transparent solar panel — a innovation that could soon usher in a world where windows, panes of glass, and even complete buildings…

dak met geintegreerde zonnecellen

dak met geintegreerde zonnecellen

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