Christmas tree Brownies

A traditional brownie recipe with a Christmas spin! These brownie Christmas trees make great gifts. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand's recipe finder

awesome! reindeer!

Reindeer cupcake - chocolate frosted, pretzels, Nilla wafer for face, white M&Ms; for eyes with black frosting for eyeballs, red peanut butter M&M; SO CUTE!

Leuke kerstboom koekjes.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Gingerbread Christmas Tree-Christmas Cookies Recipes - add some MM's, colored sugar.possibilities are endless - what fun for the kids and much easier than a gingerbread house ;D amazing Christmas dinner Santa Claus some food 4 reindeer too food

Wat een schattige kerst cupcakes!

Wat een schattige kerst cupcakes!