Diamond Chair - Chris Bartels / Anna ter Haar

This Diamonds Chair is a collaboration between Anna Ter Haar and Cris Bartels. It is build up with several layers of velcro patches.

Clogs can be different ...

Viktor & Rolf Delftware clog front view- These are awesome!

Dutch tub - Floris Schoonderbeek

The Dutchtub was invented and designed by Floris Schoonderbeek. He makes his work to inspire people to live the public outdoor space. One way is the wood fired hot tub which he calls, dutchtub. The dutchtub creates the opportunity to take a nice warm

Dutch flower vase

Holland Vaas, design door Sander Alblas Holland Vase, design by Sander Alblas

Folding chair

Our award winning flux chair: starts as a giant envelope; turns into a designer chair.

Just to say 'Thank you'

Just to say 'Thank you'

Design your own

Dutch design chair, cartboard folding chair with Delft Blue Print