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Johnny Winter Oh BRO!! YOU ROCKED ME ALL THRU THE '70S .. and still do ~~will forever!!!

Johnny Winter, Blues Guitar Icon, Dead at 70

Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy - The Rocker

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Hold-Everything Tool Rack_lead / the full article American Woodworker 2008

Neil Peart Rush

Neil Peart of Rush - just the mention of Rush zaps me back to being 14 and dateless, like most Rush fans at one point. He ranks up there with the best of all time, in spite of playing rock music, which for drummers is childs play compared to jazz.

Johnny Winter took the blues and fused it with Rock n Roll. His brother Edgar famously wrote the song "Frankenstein".

Neil Peart

Neil Peart during the JR Flood years

Dunluce Castle, Belfast Ireland. Adam and I have been here and walked down those stairs and climbed into the cave just under the castle! It is GORGEOUS!

Ruins of Dunluce Castle meaning Strong Fort is situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK. Built in century by Richard og de Burgh Earl of Ulster


Blooming bougainvillea in a Santorini alley ~ Santorini, Greece Tour or Cruise the Greek Islands

Milan (I think my new favorite place)


The same boiling water that softens potato’s hardens eggs.