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an open door leading to a grassy area with buildings in the background and trees on either side
Maison Saint-Cyr / SumProject / Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures / Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures
Maison Saint-Cyr ,Wallonie-Bruxelles Plus
a woman is standing on the stairs in a house that has been designed to look like a spiral staircase
Product on Instagram: “House in Turin by @wafai___ #p_roduct • #product #design #productdesign #stairs #staircase #house #home #interior #interiordesign…”
a small wooden structure sitting on top of a snow covered hill next to the ocean
22 Tiny Homes That Are So Precious, They'll Melt Your Heart
a small house on top of a snowy hill next to the ocean with stairs leading up to it
Eight architect-designed holiday homes you can escape to
a modern house is shown from the street in front of trees and bushes on either side of the road
Schoon schip: prachtige pakketbootvilla uit jaren 30 gerestaureerd
De mooiste pakketbootvilla van ons land strandde eind jaren 30 op een van de groenste plekken van Ukkel.
the house is surrounded by trees and water
#architecture_hunter Stavenger House By Alex Nerovnya @alex_nerovnya Make sure to follow @designhunter.official @architecture_hunter @foodhunter.official
an unusual house built into the side of a hill
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a man is hanging off the side of a cliff above the ocean with his feet in the water
homify 360°: Een Australisch klifhuis | homify
○ Cliff House by Modscape Concept external from Modscape Pty Ltd. Southwestcoast of Victoria in Australia.
a car is hanging off the side of a cliff
Droomhuis: villa gebouwd aan Australisch klif
Droomhuis: villa gebouwd aan Australisch klif
a small house sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees in the middle of a forest
Architecture & Design on Instagram: “Restaurant at the Grand Hotel visualized by @alex_nerovnya 😍💚 📍#Arendal #Norway #architectanddesign”