funny nails

paper airplane nail art- This is awesome. It looks a lot like a bee one I posted awhile ago but I think the paper plane is so much more original and cute!

Jaws Nails...minus the shark...I like the white with light blue tips

Attempted 'Jaws' nails Not as good as I'd hoped they'd be, but thought I'd post them anyway so hopefully it shows what I was going for Jaws

cute nail art #lamb #sheep #nailart

Wow, simply the cutest sheep craft and lamb diy collection I have seen. Such great ideas - super cute and must make! I particularly love the sheep craft.

Friends from the 100 acre woods, this is amazing, I am speechless

Winnie the Pooh nails; painting out of the box!) OMG I love winnie the pooh

Adorable sneaker nails! Olivia Whitlow me and you need to try this!!!!

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