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the bar is decorated with leopard print chairs and vases filled with flowers on top
Pushing design restraint to one side, a lavish new Philadelphia restaurant takes the Rittenhouse Quarter to the Wilder side...
a long table with wine glasses on it in a room filled with chairs and plants
Girafe - Luxury Restaurant In Paris | Contemporary Interior Design
Experience Parisian glamour in Girafe, luxury restaurant decorated in 30s design style with a contemporary design. This restaurant interior design project was designed by the French star architect, Joseph Dirand. Not only this restaurant has a truly inspiring interior design, it also has a privileged location overlooking the stunning Eiffel Tower.
a restaurant with black and white checkered flooring, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
This Parisian Couple Creates Elegant, Enduring Interiors
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with circular windows and arched doorways
Design Cartier store in Manhattan, New York / Commercial building / mix use. Design and Visualization by A.Masow Architects
two pictures of the inside of a room with wood circles on it and in between
13 Amazing Examples Of Creative Sculptural Ceilings
Brandy bottles make up the ceiling of this brandy bar in Odessa, Ukraine.
the lobby is clean and ready for guests to use
Olea All Suite Hotel
Olea Resort & Spa – Block722 architects+
an artist's rendering of a hallway with wicker furniture
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Block722 Architects - La Guardia Hotel - Lounge
the table is set with place settings and wine glasses in front of an open bookcase
Heckfield Place review: First In
an instagram page with the caption'america's best designed & decorated restaurants '
Tour ‘Faith & Flower’: One of America’s Best Designed & Decorated Restaurants — DESIGNED
Banquette @ Los Angeles' "Faith & Flower" restaurant, designed by Avroko. Yellow velvet
the instagram page for instagram is displayed with an image of a man sitting at a desk
15+ Most Popular Retail Display Counters Ideas — Freshouz Home & Architecture Decor
the dining room is decorated with black and white tiles, glass vases and greenery
7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for your Next Renovations · Savvy Home
La Foret Noire Restr
a fish mural on the wall in a restaurant
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