i believe kiddos need a little hiding place designated for them, yet offers security that i know where they are

Love this play area over the bed, like the anti-loft bed. I think I& leave off the first couple of steps of the ladder and make it a safer place for the older kids to play with and store their LEGO creations. (Apartment Therapy with loft bed inspiration)

Minimal concrete walk-in shower

Concrete bathroom designs are very versatile and concrete is beautiful, durable and water resistant. Concrete is a great choice for your bathroom.

I love lofty places that make the most of space

You would never know there is a home office hidden under the bed. That picture hides all. HJEMMEMEKKET: The nifty lift construction that allows the office can be pushed into the volume under the bed.

Hoogslaper boven werkplek - Kleine kamer? 11x optisch bedrog

Inspiring little desk space under a bunk bed for a kids room / desk set: the decorating dozen / via dorm room idea

Interieur Inspiratie kinderkamer

the boo and the boy: loft beds. Also note the tree decal on wall with bird house

aménager ses combles et faire entrer la lumière grâce aux fenêtres velux.fr #bedroom

{ Focus } Combles : faîtes entrer la lumière chez vous !

i like this loft idea

By using a loft space for a ladder, this tiny home saves room. As a bonus, the ladder gives the idea of a wall, creating division of space.

Atelier rue verte, le blog ... Une chambre ... 6 enfants !

Une chambre ... 6 enfants !

How about this barn loft bunk room for kids for a family vacation house. Sounds like the best idea EVER. Wish I had this as a kid =)

{Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds

My older two boys share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Since we moved them to bunk beds it's been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house. I love bunk beds.