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a glass vase filled with water and sea shells
three vases with plants and rocks in them
two glass vases filled with plants and rocks
#tillandsia #airplants #luchtplant #crea
three pillows stacked on top of each other
Get the Look / The Cottage | Byron Beach Abodes
two pillows with tags attached to them on the floor
Mooie kussens - De Wemelaer
a small round ottoman made out of burlock and jute with stripes on the top
Urban Outfitters
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
there are two small plants in the coconut bowls on the table, one is green and the other is brown
"Redefining Space: Innovative Indoor Plant Decor Concepts"
three blue vases with flowers in them on a shelf next to each other,
15 Glass Vases to Adorn Your Interior | Home Design Lover