Considering you called everyone an idiot and then I said "Says the idiot" ❤

I love you, Idiot. you mean the world to me why can't you just see it. You made me smile when i thought i never would again. thank you and I love you.

Romantic and Cute Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Favorite quotes and sayings? I love quotes and I love to quote literature. So, what are some of your favorite quotes? Here are a few of mine: "Nothing is more deceiful than the. asked under Shopping & Gifts


If you need me, then you call me. together, of pain, ill always be for you!

Miss You Quotes For Her With Images

That's going to be so much fun I wish I could too I miss you so fuckin much such a rough morning. I love you so much

I really like you, a cute picture I made when I was bored, could be a guy or a friend or both idk, by