Een leuke manier om fruit te presenteren: Fruit cups in waffle cones #fruit #kinderen

What fun, sweet treat? Fill these waffle cones full of fresh fruit for a summer snack, or picnic dessert. Healthy bonus: they are full of anti-oxidants! (Use red and blue fruits, maybe mini marshallows too?

Grilled rice ball soup  #food #bento #lunchbox #soup #kawaii #bear

bear rice ball w/ soup / japanese style ♥ Bento - - this is the most relaxing looking bowl of soup ever.


All this colorful bento lunch needs is a unicorn lollipop for dessert. Make a rainbow bento box HERE at My Bento Art.

Little Girl Onigiri Bento

Kawaii Japanese Little Girl Onigiri Rice Balls Kyaraben Bento Lunch box (Tsubaki Flower Made by Tsukemono Pickled Vegetable)

Gezond eten voor kinderen (tips!)

Kids Valentines Day Party - healthy heart fruits need a heart shaped cookie cutter


Food art Hello Kitty Bento Box - easily the cutest food art picture I've ever seen!

Gezond tractatie ideetje. Egelpeertjes, met druiven en rozijnenoogjes. Voor afwisseling kun je ook een (halve) appel gebruiken.

Wellant Klaaswaal on

Hedgehog Pears, grapes and raisin eyes. For variety, you can also use a (half) apple.