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Double Rainbow Pancakes

For scouty's rainbow party. birthday party ideas Three cheers for HEALTHY rainbow party food ideas :)

Mini caprese salad idea

Slow-roasted tomatoes recipe The BEST Stuffed Shells Recipe Mini caprese salad idea: Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, balsamic, and olive oil Ba.

Fruits and Veggies displays for a party

Healthy Food Trends for Your Wedding - Fabulous Fruit and Vegetable Displays

Bite-size greek salad #wedding #food

For friday? Bite Sized Greek Salad: These individual Greek salads are the perfect party pickup food and per usual my kid liked being able to do the skewering! (Anything on a stick is a hit!) appetizers-hors-d-oeuvres-snacks

Komkommer rolletjes

Cucumber & Hummus Roll Ups - topped with sundried tomato relish. Alternate Suggestion: Zucchini Roll Ups made with ricotta and spinach, baked in the oven and topped with marinara sauce.

When veggies & fruits are in season

The Bountiful Year: A Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Nothing tastes better than eating fruits or vegetables at the peak of their season. But how can you keep track of what’s in season when? This infographic breakdown created with Visual News s

Eggplant Pizzas a low carb and great tasting way to do pizza

Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizzas. I find it hard to believe that Julia Child had a recipe for eggplant pizza.or pizza anything.

cucumber rolls with creamy avocado....

Healthy Avocado Cucumber Rolls Appetizers

cucumber rolls with creamy avocado: 1 large organic English cucumber 3 ripe avocados cup capers t sea salt freshly cracked black pepper 2 T lemon juice c finely chopped parsley + more for plating c finely chopped dill

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

Chicken Salad-Stuffed Tomatoes-- Tuna, seafood or tofu salad would be a tasty filling for plum tomatoes as well.

avocado pesto stuffed tomatoes - yum!!!

Avocado Pesto-Stuffed Tomatoes

Avocado Pesto-Stuffed Tomatoes- Fresh cherry tomatoes are filled with a flavorful mixture of avocado, cream cheese, and pesto for a delicious, bite-sized appetizer. Use vegan cream cheese

Recept: Knoflooksaus | Gezond Eten Magazine

Recept: Knoflooksaus | Gezond Eten Magazine

Lady bug finger food

Cherry tomatoes and black olives make cute lady bugs. Base is made up of sliced bagettes, cream cheese, smoked salmon and flat leafed parsley. Sprinkle ground black pepper on tomato and using a toothpick dot some cream cheese on the olives for the eyes.