Keep Calm and Love the Life You Live ~ ohhhh I do!  Sooo blessed!

Keep Calm and Love the Life you Live with the one you Love. It takes two to share and enjoy Love and Life in order to Live Happily Together :-) :-) I approve this Pin because its true. Love Life and Live Happily Together and be Blessed.


Sometimes a few inspiring words can quite literally lend a helping h.

Dat wat je écht blij maakt. Fijn steuntje in de rug op het juiste moment :) Bedankt @Monique Raffills Bouwman

Wat doe jij zodat je iedere dag met jouw bliss factors in contact blijft?

...LOVE IT!! So true!!  Maybe one day when i have a house again

Family isn't always blood vinyl wall decal. I want this in my house, probably just as you walk in the door, though it'd work in the family room or kitchen, where everyone eventually goes anyways.


Omdenken, de cursus kun je ook volgen, en ook de theatervoorstelling is…

Kiz Canvas - Hotel Mama ... | Kiz Canvas tekst schilderijen | Label123

Hotel mama always open. My poor mama. Always there for her children.