RECIPE FOR PREMATURE GRAYING OF HAIR Ingredients 3 teaspoons of fresh lemon ml. of organic coconut oil Preparation Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice with some coconut oil.Then, apply this mixture on your hair and massage it into your scalp.

Lose your weight in just 72 hours

Clean Your Liver ! Ingredients: 6 cups of water 5 stems of celery A cup of chopped parsley 3 lemons Instructions: The preparation of this magical drink is very simple. You only have to place all the ingredients in a blender or juicer and mix well.

How to Make Rice Flour

Make Rice Flour

Making rice flour can help you save money, especially if you or anyone in your family eats a gluten-free diet. Many foods normally made with wheat flour can be tweaked for a gluten-free alternative, such as rice flour. To make rice flour,.

Make this strong beverage for liver cleaning and eliminate extra weight without an excessive amount of effort. The liver can not perform its functions generally when the organism if full of toxins.