Op een creatieve manier je sleutels bewaren aan een gordel, het kan!

Buckle up your keys and keep them safe just like you do your own self with the buckle up key holder. If you are always losing your keys, this key holder is the perfect thing to go on your wall.

Lamp Lampje, uniek en sfeervol handgemaakt design - KlimLampje Solo

Discover thousands of images about Lamp Lampje, uniek en sfeervol handgemaakt design - KlimLampje Solo

Letters van draad by Dan Hoopert

Letters van draad

Wire Look Typography. Digital artist and motion graphics designer Dan Hoopert created this typographic artwork for a college project. The wire letters a


"Honey I'm home!" key rack concept by two talented industrial design students: Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera. -- The firm keyring fob would be difficult to misplace and so easy to hang up.

Zie maar eens een salontafel als deze te maken van een MP3-tje. #vroegerwasallesbeter

Dude I love this! Love this mix tape coffee table - Jeff Skierka Designs

Huishoudelijk regelement voor een succesvolle date - Plazilla.com

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. However, China's designer Li Jianye gives us a piano doorbell. This product has several piano keys which allow the guest to play what ever tone he likes.

Kebab Baskets! What a great BBQ idea, for example, roasting veggies over an open fire.

Bbq pizza


The coolest night light!Blue LED Faucet Valve night light by Greyturtle on Etsy

retro-design modern pc

Philco retro steampunk concept PC is designed by SchultzeWORKS. The concept PC combines with the style of retro and steampunk , whick make Philco concept PC

Mobile Cinema Projector #Apple #iPhone

German manufacturer Aiptek has just announced two pico projectors designed to be used with the iPhone. The MobileCinema is one of the smallest pico projectors in the market. It simply plugs int…

Een opblaasbaar matras in uw auto

Inflatable Backseat Bed Adds A Touch of Luxury to Living Out of Your Car, this would have saved so many road trips