Binnert van Olden
Binnert van Olden
Binnert van Olden

Binnert van Olden

Binnert binnen en buitenwerk

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Tiger Double Sword.

I like how this window sill is partly raw wood, like you can still tell that it came from a tree

Teds Woodworking Plans Review

Could be a great project for putting into the Workshop for my iPod/Audiobooks. Need to add a dust cover, but could work nicely. Note to self, do not use when using Powertools. #woodworking

Awesome DIY Bird Houses for A Garden

If you are a bird lover and if your garden have some birds wandering around, looking for food, then you surly want to feed them and enjoy their singing every morning. Making some awesome and unique birdhouses is a great idea to take care of the birds and in the same time have a charming […] provides fantastic guidance as well as techniques to woodworking

A Visual Guide to Wood Species: To see more visit a local Rockler store or visit us online at See the natural beauty of wood and the variety that occurs naturally.: #WWGOA

Guppy-End: Platinum Japanblue

Dachschrägenschrank - herausziehbar - in Bluno.

Häfele bouw- en meubelbeslag - Häfeles tafel-draaibeslag - Veelzijdig door zijn eenvoud.