The Stork Nest Farm

The Stork Nest Farm was both inspired by and named after storks that resided in the roof of the distillery long after it fell into disuse. -Stork Nest Farm by SGL Projekt

Elephant looking out at the courtyard with the mahout and his family Openings are strategically placed so that while the elephants are segregated from the courtyard for the safety of the children they can still visually connect with their family. The intimate relationship of the elephant and mahout drives the scale and layout of each home. Carlos Chen

© Carlos Chen Architects: RMA Architects Location: Amber, Rajasthan, India Architect In Charge: Rahul Mehrotra Consultants: Integrated Designs, Vijay K.

Animal Wall

Gritta Gschwendtner’s Animal Wall is a design for an inhabited wall in Cardiff Bay. Over 1000 bird and bat boxes were installed in all different shapes and sizes to house many different species of.

Bat Cloud

Bat Cloud, Buffalo, N. / Ants of the Prairie / Joyce Hwang created Bat Cloud to provide habitat for bats and other urban wildlife.

Bird apartment

The tree house 'bird apartment' by Nendo, located in a forest in Komoro City in Japan's mountainous Nagano Prefecture. The treehouse has entrances to 78 nest spaces for birds on one side, and a viewing space for one person on the other.

Elephant House in Denmark

Set within a historic royal park, adjacent to the Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen Zoo is among the oldest zoos in Europe and one of Denmark's most popular cultural institutions, with million visitors a year. Among the Zoo's most visited inhabitan