Organic Soapmaking
Organic Soapmaking
Organic Soapmaking

Organic Soapmaking

Organic soapmaking, recipes and wonderful soap creations!

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Not only soap making can be done sustainably; also investing! Very interesting website!

Beautiful, nice and sustainable soaps. Handmade, I truly love them.

Take a look at my soap!

Homemade Hand Soap Tutorial >> make 1 gallon for less than $5 (compared to $3-$5 for store-bought)

A Brief History of Soap and its Impact on the Environment - essential reading for everyone interested in soap and the environment!

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Soap: good instructions!

University of Guelph commerce students are getting their hands dirty building sustainable business opportunities…with soap.

How to start a soapmaking business. Good tips and sources

Really good, detailed Soap making tutorial!