houten slippers, het geluid wat je dan maakte was zo "cool"

Het vliegengordijn

Remember these plastic strip door curtains to stop the flies in summer? My Aunt had these and I used to get told off for plaiting them!


Words that conjure up style images of the in New Jersey include: platform shoes, pants suits and bell bottoms, "sizzler" dresses, sideburns and 'staches.

De natte was in de centrifuge. werd later gebruikt om slingerverf tekeningen te maken.

De natte was in de centrifuge doen. Putting the wet wash in the centrifuge to get all the water out.

Retro staande asbak in chromen uitvoering, 50-er of 60-er jaren.Hadden wij ook

Retro staande asbak in chromen uitvoering, of jaren Ashtray.


Vintage Scissors 14 pair and Holder School teacher supplies Red block stand

I still smile when I get a whiff of this so many memories associated with this scent....

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