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an old door handle and lock on a green wooden door
an old door handle with a decorative design on it
National Geographic Magazine
an old door handle is on the wooden door
In a Perfect World...
a circular stained glass window in the center of a building
Art Nouveau Style
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a window sill
Love the window! Curved top, lead hatchwork. Just need to place it in a more modern frame
an ornate door handle on a wooden door
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Door Knocker print, Barcelona, Rustic Wall Decor, Architecture prints, Art Gallery, Wall Print
an assortment of metal objects on display in a glass case
an antique blue glass door handle on a wood paneled door with brass fittings
Eclectic ... like me
Eclectic ... like me - source: simply-beautiful-world
an assortment of antique brass door handles and knobs, all with intricate designs on them
Quality solid brass antique style door plates and handles, only from Vintage Hardware. | Vintage door knobs, Victorian door, Antique door knobs
a door knockle with a face and snake on it's side, in the shape of a head