Birk Van Strien

Birk Van Strien

Birk Van Strien
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Being boss of the Mexican mafia, it can be tough. Pete suffered losses making him cold hearted. The only thing that made him soft was his only child, Laura. After loosing his wife to Russian mafia members, he swore one day he would avenge her

Evil Knives...... if someone wanted me to love them for ever they would get me this lol

Another Saturday night and I ain& got nobody.but I do got a sick 16 solid cast metal Alien Spiked Tri-Blade Hand Claw coated in an antique brass and gun-metal finish, which I will shadow box with in front of the mirror, wear while watching the Do


The quintessential KA-BAR. Perfectly weighted and balanced optional utility serrated segment and polymer/wood grips, and even includes a fuller down the spine of the blade. One of the best modern daggers in existence.