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many different colors and shapes of marble
Sculpt Nouveau - Patinas and Metal Finishes
Traditional patinas using the wrap technique over copper and clear coated with Clear Guard
a wall that has pictures on it with babys and dogs hanging from the side
I can't believe how simple this sounds, Heck of alot cheaper than getting them made:) DIY canvas photos... super easy!
a plastic cup sitting on top of a counter
Using Omni-Gel to Transfer Images
omni-gel from Michaels for transfering images from paper to wood/metal/etc.
three white blocks with the words love, hope and y on them next to a pink flower
DIY Inspirations: Wall Decors
diy diy diy
a piece of art that is sitting on a wooden floor with leaves drawn on it
Leaf Craft Idea | My Baking Addiction
A fun fall craft taking fallen leaves and turning them into works of art to display all season.
a table with two candles and a painting on the wall
Page Not Found | Uttermost
glue, foil, and something brown like shoe polish