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Hakken, sometimes Hakkûh or Hakke, is a form of rave dance originating from the Dutch Hardcore and Gabber scene. The dance is very similar to earlier European folk dance and is thought to be a sub.

THE PREDATORY POSE TALENTS! Photo: Alberto Lanz Mask Styling: Manuel Diaz Model: Lorcan Hasse Makeup: Franko AyaPul

- My gaolers were the faceless eunuchs who stood guard before every doorway we passed. As I was led ever deeper into the dungeon, I wondered if the Veiled Lady was its most beauteous keeper or its most cherished prisoner.

Source: schu-schu

nokia ad 2000 - One 2 One advert, taken from the May/july 2000 issue of Sleazenation/ i-D - A One 2 One advert for a Nokia pay-as-you-go phone.