Trams of Sweden In Colour.

Transportation pictures in color from Sweden's past. Many of the cities and towns here no longer have trams. I have restored the color to make them look…
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Stockholm Suburban Lines

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Two cars passing on line 3 are seen from above in this 1940's shot.
A long row of trams are waiting to go into service at Strandvagen in Stockholm in the 50's.

Stockholm City Lines

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Here we see a trolley bus in Goteborg. They were all gone in 1964.
A Goteborg trolley bus descends a steep city street.
A few trolleybuses are on their way into Gullmarsplan in Stockholm.


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A Mustang car was first used on the sight seeing line, with this attractive paint job!
Line 700 was a nice tourist line, shown here with its last paint scheme before taken out in 1962. This car was actually a remodeled PCC car!

Tourist Trams

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The cars seen to the right are another type of newer cars used mainly on the lines to the suburbs! They were all replaced by subway lines by 1964.
A scene from Odenplan in Stockholm in the mid 60's showing buses as well as a streetcar.
A side and back  view of a Mustang in winter.

Stockholm Mustang Tramcars

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A tram scene in Norrkoping from the 1970's. Norrkoping is lucky to still have some tramlines, using newer cars than this one.
An older car meets a newer one.


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A  picture from Stureplan on a winter night in the  late fifties.
A great night shot of Kungsgatan showing all the nice neon signs in the rain! Picture taken in the forties!
A tram is seen at Stureplan in downtown Stockholm, on a neon lit night in the 1950's!

Nightscenes Stockholm

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Orbybanan Line 19 Stockholm

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Sundbybergsbanan Line 15 Stockholm

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Angbybanan Line 11 Stockholm

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Here's a traditional Malmo car, with the line number on a round sign placed right in the middle of the car's front!
Two newer cars of different types, a Mustang and an H type car meet as passengers are approaching.
A postcard scene from the early 1950's.


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The car barn seen here with the older wooden cars.
The car is pulling into a small station, with just a wooden platform as a stop.
Some stations had litle kiosks were you could buy a paper, candy, coffee or other items.


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Both cars are seen here, towards the end of service  in  Karlskrona in 1949.


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This old postcard shows a car out on the line picking up a passenger.
A lonely car is seen at the car barn near the end of service.
A city car is seen traveling through town on a late winter day.


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This car type was popular in the 50's.
Two older cars are traveling a long a right of way in Goteborg.
A nice scene fom Goteborg in the 1940's.


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A warnig sign alerts traffic to crossing streetcars on double tracks!
A nice night scene from Helsingborg. All trams there were discontinued in 1967.


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From a movie close to the end in 1958.
From a movie.

Jonkoping Many Images Here Are From The Jonkoping Lansmuseum

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Celebrating 500 years of city hood!
Not the best quality, but the shot of two meeting cars is never the less pretty nice.
Tramcar 7 on the Gavle system stops for a few passengeres.


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Another one of the big suburban cars of the Sundsvall system, that went out to Skonvik.
This is the cover on the new book about The Sundsvall tram system. The book is in Swedish.


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Photo by Mats Palenius Sweden, Restoration, Towns, The Past, Mats, Colour, Picture, Photo, Color
Car 76 is The Christmas Tram 2023
Photo by Mats Palenius
Photo by Mats Palenius Mustang Cars, Stockholm, City, Best
Christmas Tram in Stockholm 2023
Photo by Mats Palenius
From a movie close to the end in 1958. Riding, Movies
Car 21 takes on passengers
From a movie close to the end in 1958.
From a movie.
Many passengers want to ride
From a movie.
Summer Scenes, Lovely
A lovely summer scene!
Two Cars meet in the shade of trees
Two Cars meet in the shade of trees
A tram out on a long street!
A nice shot from a movie!
Helsingborg, Street Cars, Transportation, Train
A beautiful color shot from the 1940's
A nice shoot of several cars by Svandammen!
A nice shoot of several cars by Svandammen!
Trailers 27 and 28 for The Graneberg Line
A nice close up of car 13!
Celebrating 500 years of city hood! Expo, Hood, Celebrities
A scene from the Gavle Expo in 1946
Celebrating 500 years of city hood!
The big Skonvik cars!
The big Skonvik cars!
Great Shots, Greats
A great shot of a three car train!
Shots, Siding
A side shot of car 6
Travel, Scene, Park, Grounds
A lovely park scene with a tram in the back ground!
Downtown, Railway, Worldwide
A great shot of downtown in the 1940's!
Trip, Stockholm Sweden
Car 326 is ready for the trip back to the city
Public Transport, Harbour
Line 2 heads out to Fredhall
Sentimental, Boats, German, Ships
A rare color shot of line 16 in the 1940's!
Light Rail, Once Upon A Time, Subway, Railroad, Foreign, Tanks
Line 16 front shot
Public, Old Things
A car on line 13 out to Ulvsunda is seen here
The line was replaced by trolleybus service early on Car Photos, Around The Worlds, Rare
A rare color photo of cars on line 18 out to Ekensberg in Stockholm
The line was replaced by trolleybus service early on
This line still runs, but with much newer cars! World, Locomotive, New Cars, Building, Type, Baltic
Line 12 also used these type of cars originally built for line 11 in 1944
This line still runs, but with much newer cars!
A line 12 three car train heads downtown
A line 12 three car train heads downtown
A three car train is heading out to Sundbyberg
A three car train is heading out to Sundbyberg
Golf Courses, Field
The new cars are passing by Akeshov
Street View, Scenes
Opening day!
Cabin, Country, House Styles
A two car train zooms along the country side